How to Act Like an Audiobook Narrator

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Whether you’re new to acting or have been doing it all of your life, you’ll find that performing an audiobook is a unique challenge. Audible Approved producer Karen Commins is a prolific audiobook narrator who has completed over 30 titles on ACX. Today, Karen offers advice about audiobook performance.

Landing your first audiobook contract is so exciting!

KarenComminsAtMic Audible Approved ACX Producer Karen Commins

It can also be quite terrifying, especially if, like me, you arrived here from voiceover work without ever taking an acting class. Yes, voiceover jobs require acting skills, but audiobook narration is true storytelling that demands 100% acting.

Narrating a book can be daunting even to trained theater actors. You are responsible for emotionally connecting to the story and telling it in a believable and captivating way. Rather than playing one…

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My revised writer profile…What I’ve been doing!


Christopher J F Gibson writes short stories, plays and novels in a number of genres.

Many of these are humorous and cat-related but some just find their humour or take their themes from the ordinary events of everyday life. This Scottish Author has seven books of Short stories currently available for kindle and kindle apps. on Amazon. They are The Cat’s Whiskers, Herding Cats, A Gallimaufry of Short stories, ‘I’m Just The Cat’ and other Stories, Inside Stories, Folk Tales and Strands of Time.

These seven books of short stories are also available as paperbacks and The Cat’s Whiskers and Folk Tales as audio books.

Most of the inspiration for his books comes from the natural environment and a love of British history and culture.

Christopher studied Creative Writing with the Open University in the UK and has been writing fiction for over ten years. For over thirty years he…

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Reviews: Blackbird; Purposeless Movements; The Destroyed Room (Sunday Herald)

THEATRE REVIEWS   Blackbird CITIZENS THEATRE, GLASGOW Run ended   Purposeless Movements SEEN AT TRAMWAY, GLASGOW; Playing Eden Court, Inverness, March 16   The Destroyed Room SEEN AT…

Source: Reviews: Blackbird; Purposeless Movements; The Destroyed Room (Sunday Herald)

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Guest Review: Kings or Pawns by J. J. Sherwood Set in a Tolkienesque fantasy world of elves, humans, and centaurs, some strive to do what is right while others seek to take what they can with might. Young […]

Source: Guest Review: Kings or Pawns by J. J. Sherwood

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Listen to my Radio Dramas



A number of people have asked me about listening to podcasts of my radio dramas. Five of them are available at the moment, hosted by the radio stations that first broadcast them.. The urls for the podcasts are listed in the column on the right hand side of this page. Please cut and paste the url and it should bring you to the relevant podcast. Two more, ‘Shellakybooky’ and ‘The Cat in the Box’ will follow shortly.

I hope you enjoy them…

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BBC Opening Lines: How to write for listeners, not readers

I was shortlisted 2015 …My story Brother’s Keeper…Two lads from Cumberland seeking their fortune in Arizona Circ. 1910…Unexpected turn-around!

Claire Fuller


Every year BBC Radio 4 runs a short story competition called Opening Lines. The deadline for 2015 is 13th February. The three winners get their story broadcast on BBC Radio 4, and they get to see it being professionally recorded.

Last year my story – Baker, Emily and Me – was one of the three winners. You can read it here.

I haven’t been told why the judges picked my story over the hundreds of entries they received, but I sometimes wonder if it had something to do with the fact that I cut my writing teeth on short stories which I had to read aloud to an audience. Eight years ago I started writing pieces for a short story event held at my local library – Winchester Discovery Centre. People signed up to write a five minute story and read it out to a paying audience…

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Collaboration Time with Poetry and Art Gowns

Well done!

Poetic Parfait

Poetry and art gowns collaboration Collaboration! Time to mix poetry and art gowns. Photo via Poetic Parfait.

OH yes! It has been quite the week, and one of the amazing projects I’ve been working on is… a collaboration with costume designer Resa McConaghy.

When she asked me to contribute poems to go with four of her art gowns, I was truly moved by the request. After all, Resa has so much to celebrate with the post as it is in celebration of her nomination for Best Costume Designer by the Canadian Screen Awards! For anyone not familiar with these awards, they are like the Oscars but for Canada! So, it’s a big deal! The nomination is for her costume design work in the TV mini series The Best Laid Plans.

Congratulations again, Resa!

For our collaborative post, I have created a poem for each of Resa’s art gowns. It was exciting for me to…

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