Extract from The Vase. From the book ‘Inside Stories’

Extract from The Vase

From The book ‘Inside Stories

      ‘I’ll give you a fiver for it. Last offer.’

      ‘No deal Mate; look at the quality, no chips, glazed beautifully so it is. Do I look daft? See if you was to buy this at one of those posh antique shops you’d be looking at fifty notes.  Look at the ticket, twenty-five; see! The way I look at it you’re taking me for a mug.’

He sniggered at his pun; ‘Look, if you’re missus wants it that much then do the right thing by her; He paused for emphasis, ‘an’ me an’ all.’

      Both stared at the ceramic vase that the man carelessly tossed it from one grubby palm to the other.

Seven quid then, but you need to throw in that little digital camera.’




      Derek took out a small leather purse and very, very slowly counted out nine pound coins.

‘Suppose likes of you’ll be wanting a bag?’

      He tossed the vase in a creased carrier and handed it over.

‘…and the camera?’

      ‘Nearly forgot mate; I got carried away with all the dosh you handed over.’




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