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Extract from The Vase. From the book ‘Inside Stories’


Extract from The Vase

From The book ‘Inside Stories

      ‘I’ll give you a fiver for it. Last offer.’

      ‘No deal Mate; look at the quality, no chips, glazed beautifully so it is. Do I look daft? See if you was to buy this at one of those posh antique shops you’d be looking at fifty notes.  Look at the ticket, twenty-five; see! The way I look at it you’re taking me for a mug.’

He sniggered at his pun; ‘Look, if you’re missus wants it that much then do the right thing by her; He paused for emphasis, ‘an’ me an’ all.’

      Both stared at the ceramic vase that the man carelessly tossed it from one grubby palm to the other.

Seven quid then, but you need to throw in that little digital camera.’




      Derek took out a…

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My revised writer profile…What I’ve been doing!

My revised writer profile…What I’ve been doing!.

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My revised writer profile…What I’ve been doing!

Christopher J F Gibson writes short stories, plays and novels in a number of genres.

Many of these are humorous and cat-related but some just find their humour or take their themes from the ordinary events of everyday life. This Scottish Author has seven books of Short stories currently available for kindle and kindle apps. on Amazon. They are The Cat’s Whiskers, Herding Cats, A Gallimaufry of Short stories, ‘I’m Just The Cat’ and other Stories, Inside Stories, Folk Tales and Strands of Time.

These seven books of short stories are also available as paperbacks and The Cat’s Whiskers and Folk Tales as audio books.

Most of the inspiration for his books comes from the natural environment and a love of British history and culture.

Christopher studied Creative Writing with the Open University in the UK and has been writing fiction for over ten years. For over thirty years he worked as a lecturer in Scotland.

The author is presently editing two full-length novels. One of these novels to be published in 2015.

He is also currently auditioning voice actors and narrators/producers for audio-book editions of his books.

Christopher’s website is

News about some of his writing and ‘other musings’ can occasionally be found on his Blog

and of course on Twitter @CJFG2

and… Facebook.

Christopher J F Gibson always appreciates constructive reviews from readers.

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About Chris

About Chris.

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The Elements of a Well-Reviewed Audiobook

Audiobook Creation Exchange Blog (ACX)

Today, we’re joined by Robin Whitten, Editor and Founder of AudioFile Magazine, one of the industry’s top sources for audiobook news and reviews. Robin is here to demystify AudioFile‘s editorial process, teach ACX Rights Holders how to cast the best voice for their book, and share how to submit for a review.

The Elements of a Well-Reviewed Audiobook

AuON14_cover_300dioFile has been around the block with audiobook reviews. I started the magazine in 1992 when I could not find any reviews that considered the audio performance or the listening experience. What started as a 12-page newsletter has morphed into a multi-platform audiobook review and recommendation source. We review nearly 200 audiobooks per month, and now have 36,000 reviews in our Review Archive.

Listeners, library selectors, authors, narrators, and publishers access AudioFile reviews in our print bi-monthly magazine, in weekly e-newsletters, on the website, at, and…

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The Top Ten ACX Blog Posts of 2014

Audiobook Creation Exchange Blog (ACX)

Welcome to our final post of 2014. It’s been one heck of a year; you and your fellow actors, authors, studios and publishers have produced over 13,000 ACX audiobooks! All the while, we worked to bring you the best audiobook education, information, and inspiration around.

We’re here today to count down the top 5 ACX blog posts of 2014, for both producers and Rights Holders. Join us right here in 2015 for even more!

The Top 10 Posts of 2014

ACX Logo - High Res


5.Karen Commins on Marketing Audiobooks – Prolific Audible Approved producer Karen Commins offered two great posts chock full of marketing advice for actors. Check out part two here.

4.5. The Last Job He Expected to Love – R.C. Bray’s success story didn’t technically appear on the ACX blog, but we’re giving him an honorary spot on the countdown anyway.

4. The ACX Narrator Knowledge Series: Editing &…

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A Toast to the New Year


Poetic Parfait

Celebrate New Years with Flutes and a Poem Flute Glasses at New Years: Time to celebrate! Photo: Bill Masson, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr.

The Flutes

Why hello there Mr. Flute,
And how is the Mrs.?
Is she polishing her sides to fill with
Delicious bubbly at midnight?

You and the Mrs.
Clank together so perfectly,
Was it love at first sight in the box?

I hold you by your stem and
Get ready to raise you to the ceiling,
Don’t be scared of the height as
It is your time to shine!

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