My revised writer profile…What I’ve been doing!

Christopher J F Gibson writes short stories, plays and novels in a number of genres.

Many of these are humorous and cat-related but some just find their humour or take their themes from the ordinary events of everyday life. This Scottish Author has seven books of Short stories currently available for kindle and kindle apps. on Amazon. They are The Cat’s Whiskers, Herding Cats, A Gallimaufry of Short stories, ‘I’m Just The Cat’ and other Stories, Inside Stories, Folk Tales and Strands of Time.

These seven books of short stories are also available as paperbacks and The Cat’s Whiskers and Folk Tales as audio books.

Most of the inspiration for his books comes from the natural environment and a love of British history and culture.

Christopher studied Creative Writing with the Open University in the UK and has been writing fiction for over ten years. For over thirty years he worked as a lecturer in Scotland.

The author is presently editing two full-length novels. One of these novels to be published in 2015.

He is also currently auditioning voice actors and narrators/producers for audio-book editions of his books.

Christopher’s website is

News about some of his writing and ‘other musings’ can occasionally be found on his Blog

and of course on Twitter @CJFG2

and… Facebook.

Christopher J F Gibson always appreciates constructive reviews from readers.


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