Analysis of Maya Angelou’s Awaking in New York Poem


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New York of the famous Awakening in New York poem Times Square in New York, the City of Maya Angelou’s poem.

The poem “Awakening in New York” was written by Maya Angelou. She has been a personal hero to me, and I wrote a tribute to Maya after she passed away May 28, 2014 that you may remember. Her writing resonates within me, and that is why I enjoy reading and rereading poems written by her. The poem “Awakening in New York” is one example.

At the surface level, this poem is about waking up in the morning somewhere within the city of New York. However, there are deeper concepts to explore, such as the emotions felt by the narrator toward his or her self and the city. “Awaking in New York” (find the full text here at the Poetry Foundation) is told in the first-person narrative of “I.” It is never explained to the reader within the poem whether “I” is a male or female.

The imagery…

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